Would you like to see your review on Respect the Books? So would we! Submissions are currently open!

Submission guidelines are simple. We’re looking for well written reviews of books that you feel strongly about that have some snap. The review should be thought provoking and entertaining, giving the reader a good reason to add the prospective book to their library.

We’re looking for original reviews with thought. In other words, please don’t copy and paste something from a promotion or posts from Amazon, Goodreads, etc. Keeps this in mind, we want original.

With that in mind, if your buddy is an author with a book that’s been released and you want to plug it with a review, that’s absolutely fine. We welcome you’re review, in fact, we want to know more about the author as well.

You may also submit a “counter-review” if you like on any of the reviews posted to the website. The same rules apply, keep it original and entertaining.

Articulation is key. Why do you like the book? What are its strength and weaknesses? Why would we not care about the weaknesses?

We also want to be open to those trying to develop their writing skills. Are you a burgeoning young literary genius who wants to see their work on the internet? We’d love to see what you have!

The submission process is easy. Simply send your review to us in the body of an email to submissions@respectthebooks.com