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Respect the Books reviews is created and moderated by Don and Emma Ellisor.

Don Ellisor is what is commonly known as a “Jack of all trades and master of none”. He’s been everything from a radio host to a competition skydiver and currently works as a critical care nurse. He’s was a one time world record holder for participating in a three hundred way world record relative work skydive and holds private, multi-engine, and instrument pilot ratings. Don loves a good book and is a prolific writer. Look for Tears of Elah coming out in Summer 2015.

Emma Ellisor is a middle school literary prodigy who loves reading, writing, and collecting books. Anything relating to Harry Potter, Dr. Who, or Percy Jackson is right up her ally. She loves to hang out with friends and travel. Her most prized possession is her bookshelf, which is overflowing. Her motto is, “Respect the Book!”